Conversion of 2D Images into 3D Stereoscopic Pairs

There is a fantastic new piece of free software for conversion of flat 2D images into stunning 3D images called the Leiapix Converter; I’ve added some of my flat images I took some years ago and converted them to 3D with this wonderful software. To use it, open the website and upload a flat image. After a few seconds a waggle image appears, then click on Share and then click on Save Side-by-Side, and then click on Save. The side-by-side image will be saved in your downloads folder. All the images below were taken in Costa Rica on a trip organised by Ramblers Holidays (

Blue Heron
Great Kiskadee
Pachira aquatica flowerr
Red Tail Squirrel
Tiger Heron
Little Blue Heron
Cocoa Pod
Blur Morph
Cashew Nut
Two toed Sloth
White Nose Coati

Published by Colin Metherell

I am an amateur 3D photographer, General Secretary of the Stereoscopic Society. I've been into 3D photography since about 2004 and am interested in nature photography, particularly underwater photography.

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