Egypt and the Red Sea

I took a trip to Egypt and the Red Sea organised by Snorkel Venture ( in May 2022. We did some of the usual tourist visits in Cairo than headed south to Marsa Shagra for 3 days snorkeling in the hotel reefs. Then we traveled to Marsa Ghalib Port where we joined the liveaboard boat Emperor Echo and sailed south to St Johns, snorkeling in the reefs of Habili Ali and Habili Garaar. Then we traveled north to the reefs of the Fury Shoals and eventually to Abu Dabab before returning to Marsa Ghalib for our return home. A very enjoyable holiday with great snorkeling.

Blue Chromis Shoal
Photographing a turtle
Turtle closeup
Masked Pufferfish
Colourfull Corals
Coral Canyon
Dashdot Goatfish
Swimming with Spinner Dolphins
Fire coral
Sohal Surgeonfish
Galloping past the pyramids
Camels at the pyramids

Published by Colin Metherell

I am an amateur 3D photographer, General Secretary of the Stereoscopic Society. I've been into 3D photography since about 2004 and am interested in nature photography, particularly underwater photography.

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