Fungi, Lichen, Galls etc

A Slime Mould, Fuligo septica, otherwisde known as Dog’s Vomit.
A white slime mould.
Bird”s Nest Fungus; this image was taken sequentially, and two images are not aligned properly.
The Devil’s Matches lichen, photographed on Dartmoor.
Malachite Fungus.
Malachite Fungus, fruiting body, approximately 2mm diameter.
Candle Snuff lichen.
Dead Man’s Fingers lichen
Cladonia pyxidata lichen.
Staghorn Lichen.
Pink fungus.
Bracket Fungus.
Chicken of the Woods.
Polypore fungus.
Polypore fungus.
Bracket fungi.
Cocoa Fungus.
Fly Agaric.
Parasol Mushroom, early opened.
Parasol Mushroom, fully opened.
Amethyst Deceiver mushroom.
Amethyst Deceiver mushroom.
Purple Blewit mushroom.
Ricken fungus.
Cauliflower Fungus.
Oyster Fungus.
Orange Elf Cup
Beech leaf gall.

If any of the names are incorrect, please contact me with any corrections.


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