I took these images on a trip organised by Greentours ( Greentours provided a fantastic knowledgeable botanist who took us on daily rambles to see the amazing Cretan orchids. We were based at Spili near the south coast for most of the time, but also traveled west to the Aradena Gorge and then to Omalos. It is a fantastic area for orchids.

Ophrys apifera, the common Bee Orchid.

Ophrys bombylifora, the Bumblebee Orchid.

Ophrys cretica, the Cretan Bee Orchid.

Ophrys episcopalis.

Ophrys candica.

Ophrys heldreichii.

Ophrys mammosa.

Ophrys fusca.

Ophrys iricolor, the Mirror Orchid.

Ophrys sitiaca.

Ophrys sicula.

Barlia robertiana, Robert’s giant Orchid.

Limodorum abortivum, Violet Limodore.

Orchis quadripunctata, the Four spotted Orchid.

Orchis anatolica, the Anatolian Orchid.

Orchis boryi, Bory’s Green Winged Orchid.

Orchis laxiflora, the Lax-flowered Orchid.

Orchis sitiaaca, the Sitia Orchid.

Orchis fragrans, the Bug Orchid.

Neotinea maculata, the Dense-flowered Orchid.

Orchis papilionacea, the Pink Butterfly Orchid.

Orchis simia, the Monkey Orchid.

Orchis italica, the Naked Man Orchid.

Orchis pauciflora, the Sparsely-flowering Orchid.

Serapia bergonii, Bergoni’s Serapia.

Serapia cordigera, the Heart-flowered Serapia.

Serapias lingula, the tongue Serapias.

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