The Maldives

This trip was organised by Dr Chas Anderson of We stayed on a life-aboard boat and traveled through the islands of the Maldives for a week looking for whales and dolphins, snorkeling everyday. A fantastic way to explore this amazing place.

Powder Blue Surgeonfish and Dash-dot Goatfish with a Table Coral in the clear waters of the Maldives.

A Clown triggerfish.

A Powder-blue Surgeonfish with Staghorn and table Corals.

A Longnose Butterflyfish and a Six-barred Wrasse.

A Regal Angelfish.

A Bridled Parrotfish.

Large shoals of fish are found at the drop-off zone at the edge of the reefs.

Blue-green Chromis among the Staghorn Corals.

Oriental Sweetlips on a Table Coral.

An Ember Parrotfish.

Meyer’s Butterflyfish.

Oval Butterflyfish.

A Brain Coral.

Moorish Idols.

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