Bali to Komodo

This cruise with Dr Chas Anderson, of, started in Bali and progressed eastwards past Lombok, and the Komodo Islands, finishing in Flores. In the Komodo Islands we were fortunate to snorkel with lots of Manta Rays, which were feeding in the rather murky water. They were not the slightest bothered by our presence and continued feeding, swimming one behind the other in line and passed very close to us.

These images are best viewed with prismatic specs such as the NVP specs obtainable from

Blue Starfish and Blue Chromis
Vase Coral
Moorish Idols
Elkhorn Coral
Pink Staghorn Coral
Christmas Tree Worms

Manta Rays; there were at least 50 filter feeding in rather murky water in the Komodo National Park, Indonesia.

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