The Stereoscopic Society;

The world’s oldest society devoted to 3D photography

The Stereoscopic Society was founded in 1893 as a group of 3D photography enthusiasts sharing their 3D photos.  Today the Society members meet online, share digital 3d images over the internet and discuss the latest developments in 3D cameras 3D displays etc. The Society’s website is

Prior to Covid, we meet together in monthly meetings in London, Coventry and Edinburgh and it is hoped that these will be resumed shortly. Some of our members also participate in meetings of the Third Dimension Society in Bury and Redcar.

The Stereoscopic Society organises an annual Convention where all members have a chance to meet, see others images and swap 3D ideas etc. Conventions are held in a hotel over a weekend and also have an outing to a local place of interest to further members 3d skills.

A 30-page Journal is published 4 times a year with full colour 3D images showing the results of our annual 3D competition, articles on 3D photography, reviews of the latest 3D cameras, and 3D displays, including mobile phones with 3D displays.

Currently the subscription has been reduced to less than half price, £10 per year, to encourage new membership so it’s a great time to join; it’s a fantastic bargain; contact

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