About me

I am an amateur 3D photographer, currently General Secretary of the Stereoscopic Society. I’ve been into 3D photography since about 2004. 

My interests include underwater photography, orchids, nature in general and travel. I mainly use twin lens digital cameras, a Fuji W3, or a Panasonic GX7 fitted with a 3D lens, for close-ups. I also use twined single lens cameras such as twin Samsung NX1000, or twin Canon SX200 IS. The shutters on the twin rigs are fired by being linked together with special USB cables.

This site shows some of my 3D images as side-by-side images; the smaller ones can be free-viewed with a little practice, but the larger ones will require prismatic spectacles for viewing in 3D. Some images are anaglyphs; you need red/cyan glasses to see these images in 3D.

I live in Hertfordshire and give 3D digital shows to local clubs and societies to promote interest in 3D photography.

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