Underwater Photography

The underwater world is fascinating; mind mindbogglingly beautiful in places, particularly in the Coral Triangle between Indonesia, New Guinea and the Philippines. Seeing whales in close-up is mind blowing; you rarely see all the animal from above the water but to see the whole animal underwater is fantastic, particularly when you eyeball a Whale Shark or Humpback Whale.

I’ve been on many snorkeling holidays on live-board boats; its a fantastic way of seeing the best underwater subjects; coral, whales, dolphins etc. These are some of the companies that I have traveled with; www.whale-and-dolphin.com, www.consciousbreathadventure.com, http://www.whaleman.com/wm_master.html, https://snorkelventure.com, www.aquafirma.co.uk, www.naturetrek.co.uk, and www.greentours.co.uk.

All my underwater images were taken from the water surface while snorkeling. These days I wear a snorkeling vest for safety, as I am not as fit as I used to be.

Most of the underwater images were taken with my Fuji W3 camera in a Recsea housing, but in Papua New Guinea I also used a pair of GoPro 3 Black cameras linked together in a GoPro underwater housing.

It is best to get as close as possible to the subject to get the clearest images as the water is never perfectly clear. Coral is very easily damages, so care must be taken to avoid touching it, even accidentally.

A Brain Coral taken in the Solomon Islands. The image may be too wide for free viewing, so try viewing with prismatic spectacles and it will magically jump out into 3D.

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