UK Orchids in 3D

Many of these images were taken with help from members of the Hardy Orchid Society, ( Thanks for their help in finding and identifying them.

Sword Leaved Helleborine

White Helleborine


Bird’s Best Orchid

Marsh Helleborine

Broad Leaved Helleborine

Violet Helleborine

Violet Helleborine, variety rosea, emergent plant
Violet Helleborine, variety rose

Green Flowered Helleborine

Fen Orchid

Bog Orchid with Sundew Flowers

Bog Orchid

Autumn Lady’s Tresses with Heather

Musk Orchid

Man Orchids

Man Orchid

Military Orchid

Monkey Orchid

Lady Orchid

Hybrid Lady X Monkey Orchid

Early Purple Orchid, the first of our native orchids, photographed 26.4.2020.

Greater Butterfly Orchid

Fragrant Orchid

White form of Fragrant Orchid

Early Marsh Orchid

Frog Orchid

Common Spotted Orchid

Common Spotted Orchid, white form

Southern Marsh Orchid

Northern Marsh Orchid

Burnt Tip Orchid

Lizard Orchid

Pyramid Orchid

Green Winged Orchids are very variable in colour; these were photographed in the same field, all photographed 17.5.2020.

Fly Orchid

Fly Orchid, white form

Bee Orchid, photographed 28.5.2020.

Bee Orchid, variety belgaram

Bee Orchid, variety chlorantha

Bee Orchid, variety atrofusca

Wasp Orchid

Early Spider Orchid

Late Spider Orchid

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